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BIG Additions to the BrydgeWorks Offerings!

Expanded Showroom & Work Space Our showroom area is getting larger! We have moved the work space back, added new, larger cubbies for members, and increased work space into the back half of the building. That means there will always be work space available even when we have classes, and allows us to hold larger classes. Between the front and back work spaces there will be 8 grinders, 2 ring saws, a wet belt sander, and slicer available.

New Electric Car Charging Stations We have installed a Level 2 electric and two Tesla car chargers in the BrydgeWorks complex! We will be 1 of only 2 Tesla chargers in Harrisonburg and will be listed on Tesla's national map of chargers. These should all be operational sometime in April!

  • About Level II Charging Stations. Level II EV chargers use a higher-output 240-volt power source, like the one that you plug your oven or clothes dryer into. Charging times are much faster than with a Level I EV charging station.

  • Joining Tesla’s Destination Charging Network. Tesla’s Destination Charging network consists of level 2 chargers, more specifically the ‘Tesla Wall Connector’, installed at restaurants and hotels. BrydgeWorks will be one of only two Tesla charging stations in Harrisonburg and will be listed on Tesla's national map of charger

Guests Headed Your Way? We've got lodging! Don't forget Hutton House, our beautifully-appointed artisan retreat. Stained-glass details include glass tile mosaic shower, an antique jar valence in the kitchen, and handmade bedroom furniture with fossil vitra panels. The two bedroom, three bath vacation rental sleeps six and features 2,160 square feet of living space. See updated pictures and rental information on our Airbnb listing!

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